"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try." - John F. Kennedy

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I’ve been working with Jose for almost 2 years. I was reasonably fit when we started working together and with Jose’s help he has taken my fitness and strength to the next level. He constantly mixes up workouts and no two workouts have ever been the same which keeps me motivated and challenged. He constantly pushes me to be my best but always within my capabilities. He’s also sensitive to my varying workout needs and is careful to adjust accordingly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jose to anyone. He’s an exceptionally talented personal trainer that gets results.

Susan Hughes

5 months ago
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I have been working with Jose for almost 6 months now and highly recommend his services. He is truly committed to my success. The very first meeting he asked me what my goals were and I wasn’t quite sure. He helped me set goals that’s would support healthy living. I started with an injured shoulder that had little rotation. I am now at about 80% functionality which is unbelievable to me. Not only does Jose work with me on physical fitness he is invested in my nutrition. He asked me every session what I ate that day to ensure that I am supporting my body with proper nutrition. As a result, my diet has significantly improved with eating foods that support me having the best workouts and post-work recovery as possible. The work with Jose has affected every area of my life. I have more confidence which has allowed me to set higher personal and professional goals. Jose is not your typical run of the mill trainers! You can go anywhere for that! If you want real and sustaining change, working with Jose will support that! Best of luck to you!

Buffy Lloyd-Krejci

3 months ago
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I've been working with Jose for almost 10 months now and I have increased my overall strength and endurance. When I first came to Jose I had strength concerns and had experience rhabdomyolysis in the past with other exercises. He listened to my concerns about going slow and building up my strength. I've been very happy to build my strength again with no issues. He always mixes up the exercises and I leave his work out feeling challenged and stronger. Jose is a great listener and understands how to motivate you to reach your goals. He also will coach you through your diet and how to improve it. I strongly recommend Jose and I do to my friends and family. Don't wait any longer to start feeling great about your body.

Brooke Horning

3 months ago
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Training with Jose has been a life changing experience for me. I had a nagging shoulder injury that an orthopedic surgeon wanted to do a total shoulder replacement on it. My girlfriend, who was working out with Jose, strongly suggested I give him a try instead. I am so grateful that I did. My overall fitness in less than a year have vastly improved and the shoulder is strong and free from pain. Jose is not only a great person to work with, but one who cautiously listens to your concerns and yet, pushes you beyond your expectations. I highly recommended Jose!

Bob Malfetano

3 months ago